difference-between-static-website-and-dynamic-websiteA static website is the one which is written in plain HTML and Code of the page is displayed to the user. Static websites are the cheapest to develop and host.

Advantages of static websites

  • Quick to develop
  • Cheap to develop.
  • Cheap to host.
  • It is created from HTML and CSS coding on the simple text editor like notepad.

Advantages of dynamic websites :

  • Much more functional website.
  • Much easier to update.
  • Can work as a system to allow staff or users to participate.

 static websites vs dynamic websites :

  • Static websites generally consist of the fixed number of pages and format of a web page is fixed which delivers information to the client whereas, Dynamic websites can change the web page contents dynamically while the page is running on client’s browser.
  • Static websites are created from HTML and CSS coding on the simple text editor like notepad whereas Dynamic websites use server-side programming languages like PHP, Asp.NET. and JSP etc. to modify page contents at runtime
    Examples of static website are organization site, institute site etc.,
    Whereas dynamic websites are E-commerce sites, online form application, E-governance site, social networking sites etc.
  • In static web pages, the theme and content of web pages remained fixed whereas in dynamic web pages they changed according to run time.
  • Browsing of static web pages are quicker when compared to dynamic web pages because the dynamic web pages do not require the request of the server.
  • Static web pages plan is an easy and cheapest method if you want to create a static and non-updating web pages.
  • While dynamic web pages method is advisable if you have a plan to update the content and material frequently.
  • If file extension of a URL is in .htm or .html then it is a static web page. While if file extension is in .php, .asp and .jsp then it is the example of dynamic web pages.
  • Dynamic websites reduce ongoing maintenance costs, make data management very efficient, and enable the addition of any future add-ons.
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Difference between static website and dynamic website

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