Android-appAn Android app is a software application running on the Android platform.

Android software development is the process by which new applications are created for devices running the Android operating system.

The application development market has become one of the main sources of communication and information for large companies as well as individual users.

Here are the Android application trends:


    • Google started the amp project a year ago. Also there was a big announcement made by Google then there will be a separate type of search index specifically for the mobile web. This is evolutionary measure as the pair with a new way for development with mobile applications. There is a new scope of the web app and Search Engine Optimization services for mobile websites as well. As a result, the web pages on mobile phones will be able to load much faster time would reduce the higher amount of bounce rate.
    • ANDROID AI-ASSISTANT :Game developers are trying to add more and more Artificial Intelligence into their games to make gamers feel as if they are in a real world.
    • The AI-based assistant is able to converse with the user, clarify necessary information, and act as a smart chatbot

    FACILITATION OF ANDROID IN-APP PAYMENTS: the mobile payment system that allows people to perform payments with their Android smartphones using NFC technology was created.  Since people started making payments through an Android operating system. Two years ago Google introduced Android Pay upgraded Google Wallet, more secure and advantageous.

    SEARCH WITHIN APPS: The main advantage of Android feature is that you can keep on searching the necessary information even when you are out of the connection. For example, it makes it possible for you to spend your vacation in the mountains and keep working on your thesis via your electronic gadget.

    IMPROVEMENT OF ANDROID APP SECURITY: The android apps total security will be increased due to automatic security updates that will make interactions with the app easier and safer. There will be more permission requests to use a specific app.

    Mobile app redesign is a big task. A redesign generally implies a content update when it displays ‘just design’ and content changes. As soon as you add a new functionality your app might require a Store Update which takes around 8-10 days for iOS and 2 days for Android and Windows

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