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Content Management System

Update your business website every day to keep it fresh & offering new information to your visitors and customers. CMS is not a rocket science and you don't have to depend on your website developer to do the same.

Content Management System gives you a full hand privilege to keep your website on the move. With CMS website development from NS Web you can pump in new content to your website every time without much hassle or dependency on web development team whether it is a text update, a video update or an image update.

Information is at the core of your business and success of your business is determined by how effectively and efficiently information is captured, created, managed and delivered. To manage the information, content and documents in your website, you need a Content Management System. NS Web Technology offers to design, develop and implement Content Management System (CMS) on your new or existing websites. We can develop custom CMS systems as per your requirements, or integrate existing and open source CMS systems in your sites.

Our experience has shown us that every organization has individual requirements to an effective Content Management System. NS Web delivers flexible and scalable content-driven applications tailored to customers’ specific requirements. We work with you to learn your business needs and offer the appropriate options, delivering a dependable solution according to your application requirements and budget.

Managing the content of the website effortlessly helps business users in a professional-looking site without having to learn technical languages and is ideal for sites which requires ongoing updates and additions.

The key advantage of CMS is that the design of your site is protected while giving enough freedom to edit certain areas of the website. Therefore, the "look and feel" of your site is protected. This guarantees more standardization across the site.

CMS helps you develop, deliver, and make your website engaging. (HTML, Text, PDF, Brochure, Newsletters, Blogs, Social Media, Videos etc)

NS Web CMS website/portal development offers solutions worth

  • Identify content requirements
  • Create consistent, structured content for multiple-use
  • Manage content in a definitive source
  • Ensure content complies with corporate standards and guidelines
  • Assemble content on demand

NS Web CMS Solutions -

Identifies and involves your product team or management to manage your websites. We develop CMS solutions that are user-friendly & requires no technical support in adding, modifying, editing, or managing the website in a secured and controlled way.

Benefit from popular, reliable and cost-effective open source and proprietary solutions for your website.

Our CMS Solutions come to you in following softwares

We are proficient in designing and developing robust frameworks like PHP, Typo3, Joomla, Liferay. Benefit from popular, reliable and cost-effective open source and proprietary solutions for your website.

Benefits Of the Content Management System:

One of the main advantages of CMS is that it enables non-technically minded users to create functional pages or upload and modify content by themselves. Compared to static HTML websites, key benefits of CMS is its user-friendly.

Workflow management : An integrated workflow process facilitates better content management.

Flexibility for developers : As the Content Management systems site enables non-technical users to easily publish content, frees up technical developers to focus on functionality and enhanced feature.

Design is separate from content : You can easily manipulate content without changing the design .

Security: Security is automatic.

Updates: The Content Management system allows alerts to be set to notify the when content needs to be reviewed , updated or removed.

Search engine-friendly : The Content Management System helps to optimize your website so that search engine users can easily detect your information.

Mobile ready : The CMS automatically scales your site to fit tablets, mobile devices and smaller browser windows.

Shared resources: Website managers will have access to shared resources, such as modules, images, audio and video files which is a major benefit.

Remote access � You can access and update your site from anywhere with an Internet connection.

Why NS Web :

With customisation and simplicity at its core we build perfect websites powered by NS Web. Whether you need simple or complex websites, industry functionality, custom content production and publication workflow, or an online Ecommerce store, it’s all catered for by our CMS platfrom.

Our Content Management solutions are feature rich and easy to use. We build specialist custom content management systems for various industry verticals to support simple to most requirements. We make your website simple and can update by yourself.

Factors to consider while choosing a content Management system:

Easy to use : An easy-to-use content management platform which leads in updating and adding of pages.

SEO ready and friendly : If your site cannot be found easily or if your website is not showing in the top tiers of search engine results pages, your vast content won't capture the audience. Thus, you will need to find a CMS that is SEO ready.

Customizable : If you are planning on using Word Press as your CMS, your customization options can come from plug-ins and themes that you can find readily available to you.

Security : You need to make sure that the information you get from potential customers, and from those who purchase from your site, are protected . you need to safeguard your company's reputation and integrity.

NS Web range of Content Management System Services:

TM-CMS-Tool Development Bangalore

TM CMS tool

TM CMS tool is our own CMS tool. We develop websites using our Own CMS tool. It's got a smart community around it, rich documentation, and measures that aim to provide the way to write code for it.

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Magento Development in Bangalore

Magento Development

Magento is an open source CMS/eCommerce platform & can create perfect online CMS websites. At NS Web, we have Magento development services with a committed & professional team.

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WordPress Development Company in Bangalore

WordPress Development

WordPress is both a blessing and a obscenity. Because of its open source nature, we have a incredible platform on which to build websites, themes, plugins, and right applications.

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Joomla Development Company in Bangalore

Joomla Development

Joomla Web Design works for everyone from big to small enterprise! Joomla is simple to use and has all the goodies your will need for a robust web presence. Completely Hand Held device friendly for the age.

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Drupal Development Company in Bangalore

Drupal Development

Our company is known for Drupal Development in Bangalore. We create custom modules and websites from the scratch, or even optimize the current Prestashop websites for our clients.

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PrestaShop Development Company in Bangalore

Prestashop Development

Prestashop is a powerful CMS Tool. Our company is known for Prestashop Ecommerce & CMS Website Development Company in Bangalore. We create custom modules and websites from the scratch.

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First of all I thank to NS Web and team. Particularly Mr. Nanjegowda. Really you guys are amazing.What exactly I expected from you, that you did beyond my expectation. I am the very satisfactory Client.Also as I informed you earlier, I will introduce many clients to you people who are ready to work 24 /7 with Honesty, Satisfactory.

Aravind Banakar (MD) / Case study Solutions(Mumbai)

I am happy with your service. I will definitely refer my friends for building their business website and I also want to continue my business relationship with your organization.

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