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Domain Registration and Web Hosting

As one of the leading web hosting companies in bangalore, NS Web Technology continues to raise the standards of web-hosting packages. Our Web hosting platform is reliable, easy to use and super fast. We provide a selection of Windows and Linux web hosting plans designed to meet our client’s requirements.

For any business to achieve its complete potential online the domain name plays an effective role. ssAttractive, keyword-based domain names are Search Engine friendly and helps attract target audience without difficulty.

NS Web Bangalore domain name registration service helps you streamline best-in-class to-the-neck website domain names with premium yet cost-effective prices & buy the same with ensured end-to-end after sales service. Check, Choose & buy

NS Web range of Domain Registration and Web Hosting services:

How to choose a good website Hosting?

Your Web-hosting is responsible to website visible in web. This means that where you put your site is responsible (at least in part) to how your visitor's experience your site. A good server must give you good security, reliable speed and as little downtime as possible.

Web hosting is a competitive business, whether that's for a budget email-based account or for an option with dedicated servers. And, what we've noticed is that prices have fallen over the years. So, if you've been with the same host for a while, it may be worth checking out what else is available as you could easily save 20% on what you're paying now while getting more features.

As technology develops, security also develop. Hackers are getting better, viruses are getting smarter and so also should your protection on your files and clients' information. A website without security it helps to hackers to hack your website. On top of it, after your site has been victim of an attack, it can damage your reputation with the search engines, hurt your organic listing and put away the visitors of your sites.

Speed is also very important in web hosting. For example, if you are hosting your site India while having a company in Bangalore, this means that to see your site your clients will have to get the information from overseas. If your client has a good Internet connection, that might not be an issue, but if this client has an average connection and your site is taking longer than most sites do for them, they are not going to wait. Besides that, studies that show a correlation between load time and sales started to show up as far back as 2007. For example, this one test demonstrated that each 100 ms increase in Amazon.com's load time decreased sales by 1%.

NS Web Technology can offer you a variety of hosting options, from the affordable basic yearly hosting package, to the unlimited storage hosting and the fully unlimited, which includes unlimited hosting space, bandwidth, databases and e-mails. Call us today to find outright hosting package for you.

How reliable is your NS Web web Hosting?

NS Web web hosting is the best hosting company in Bangalore. Our clients experience about 99.8% uptime. This means that 99.8% of the time, anytime you try to access your website you will not have any hosting related issue. This 0.2% time usually due to server maintenance and updates that need to restart the server. We also rely on a triple redundancy system, meaning if any sort of natural disaster were to happen on one of our data Centers (the place that houses the server), we would still have backups in 2 different locations that could be activated in an emergency. Not every hosting company can offer that.

Reliable Web Hosting

Our web hosting packages are the most cost effective option in the region and are ideal for small, medium and large enterprises, looking to maintain a reliable online presence. We cater to the requirements of businesses of all sizes by offering the best tailored packages as per their needs and budget. We provide you the most reliable services with economical packages for your web hosting requirements by offering you reliable hosting at an affordable price.

NS Web, Web Hosting packages are offered exclusively to NS Web clients. NS Web Technology offer these in order to provide our customers with a one stop solution for their website needs. Our servers are optimized to work with your site and have an average of 99% uptime.


First of all I thank to NS Web and team. Particularly Mr. Nanjegowda. Really you guys are amazing.What exactly I expected from you, that you did beyond my expectation. I am the very satisfactory Client.Also as I informed you earlier, I will introduce many clients to you people who are ready to work 24 /7 with Honesty, Satisfactory.

Aravind Banakar (MD) / Case study Solutions(Mumbai)

I am happy with your service. I will definitely refer my friends for building their business website and I also want to continue my business relationship with your organization.

- Krushna Patel /

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